Kenosis LLC.


      My therapeutic perspective is one born out of an understanding of  trauma and is connected with faith.  I work with clients to discover the roots to the problems they are struggling with and bring truth into those dark places.  The truth reaches into all parts of a persons's life and changes the way they view themselves, their spouse, kids, parents and the world at large.  Shining a light in the dark often shrinks the size of our monsters and makes them much more manageable. 


      I work with individuals, couples, and families.  I help people address depression, anxiety, relational/marital conflict, anger issues, parent-child conflict, life adjustments, grief, addictions, trauma, and various other struggles. 


      Truth: We all struggle in life and we all need others to encourage and walk with us, cry with us, and help us find our way. You are valuable.



      I utilize EMDR and Brainspotting as well as many other modalities to assist my clients.










"Love is never wasted, for it's value does not rest on reciprocity."


                                                                                  - C.S. Lewis






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